Expeditions archive

Training Day on School playing field in March 2019

A group crossing Cefn Hill with Assessor, Bob Bissell on Day 2 of the BHBS Qualifying Expeditions, 2016

Setting up at White Haywood Farm, campsite for BHBS Qualifying Expeditions, 2016

A beautiful sculpture garden meadow crossed by a footpath approaching the campsite on Day 1 of BHBS Qualifying Expeditions, 2016

A group approaching Michaelchurch Escley in the foothills of the Herefordshire Black Mountains towards the end of day 1 of Bishop's School Bronze Qualifying Expedition, 20th June 2015.

Early morning breakfast beside the River Wye at Ballingham Court farm on day 2 of the Bishop's School Bronze Practice Expedition, 17th May 2015.

Our standard cooking set up in use on the same morning as above.

Bishop's School Bronze Award trainees examine flowering snake's head fritillaries on Lugg Meadows near the school during a training day on 28th April 2013